Nature always captures my attention. Since my very first visit to a desert landscape I knew I would come back again and again to photograph the rugged scenery.

Most of my photography is taken in national parks, conservation areas and nature preserves. I am always respectful of my surroundings, follow the leave no trace principles, and try not to disturb the wildlife.

Every now and then I’ll write a little bit about a photo, how I got there or how it inspired me.

This star trail photo was taken in Joshua Tree National Park, my second time creating star trail photography. It was a beautiful night and we did some light painting and it was one of the most fun and magical photoshoots I have so done so far.

From my blog:

  • The Rocks Know
    This photo was inspired during a walk in Joshua Tree National Park, discussing the millions of years these rocks have already experienced and the millions more to come. The photo “The Rocks Know” prompts viewers to pause and reflect on the myriad changes the desert rocks have undergone throughout their millions of years of existence. It also encourages contemplation about how these rocks persistently adapt to ongoing and forthcoming transformations, likely enduring for millions of years to come. Where Two Deserts Meet The photo is currently on display at the Joshua Tree National Park Association in Yucca Valley as part… Read more: The Rocks Know
  • Contemplating the Future
    I’m thrilled to share that my photo titled “CONTEMPLATING THE FUTURE” has been chosen for the 11th Annual Joshua Tree National Park Art Expo, a prestigious juried exhibition in the California High Desert. The story of the roadrunner The photograph captures a unique moment with a roadrunner appearing to gaze into the distance. It’s a special instance I was fortunate to capture. Known for their quick wit and agility, this roadrunner took a pause, seemingly lost in thought. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of shared curiosity with the bird. What was it pondering as it looked out into… Read more: Contemplating the Future

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