Hi, I am Tatjana

Thank you for stopping by! I am an adventurous, nature-loving blogger, runner, still-learning photographer, do-gooder, dreamer, world-traveler, coffee lover – currently living in the Greater Los Angeles Area (via Germany, UK, Michigan, Texas, San Francisco Bay Area).

Never known for taking a direct route in anything in life, exploring, hiking, running, and photography are my great passions, and for now I am roaming Southern California in search of the perfect hike and photo.

In 2018, I finally brought out my DSLR to learn how to use it better (it’s been sitting on a shelf since 2012…). Though still no expert in photography, I am currently evolving my personal style and learning what type of photos I really like to take. My hiking and exploring adventures take me to some fun places to experiment with my camera.

You’ll probably notice a theme in my photography. The desert has captured my heart. But every now and then I’ll head out to the ocean.

If you are interested in purchasing a print of one of my photos, head over to my store Tatjana Kudla Photography.

My adventure and lifestyle blog No Heels Just Sneakers explore some of the beauful areas I have traveled to and hiked in.