Slot Canyon in the Valley of Fire

slot canyon in the Valley of Fire State Park

I wish I remembered how we got here. I believe it was during our walk to or from the White Domes (I’ll leave that for another post). The slot canyons in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada are amazing. They are long, narrow, and deep small canyons with sheer rock walls that are […]

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Symmetry in Nature

palm tree leaf

I am always amazed at nature. Nature so effortlessly creates patterns and symmetry that are beautiful and efficient at the same time. A lot of times as we hurry through our lives we miss the simple beauty that is right before us. And nature is complex and full of contradictions, too: the leopard has spots, […]

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Fire Wave in the Valley of Fire

I grew up in a densely populated urban area. Wide landscape views were rare. So when I discovered the deserts, I was hooked. Sweeping views in all directions and colors that I had never imagined in nature. Last year I visited the Valley of Fire State Park for the first time. The Valley of Fire […]

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Palm Springs Wind Turbines

palm springs wind turbines

As you leave Los Angeles towards Palm Springs on Interstate 10 you know you are close once you see the wind turbines (windmills) towering on both sides of the highway. The largest of the wind turbines are about 160 feet tall. The San Gorgonio Pass wind farm – one of the largest in California – […]

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Bixby Bridge

Bixby Bridge on Pacific Coast Highway 1 on the Big Sur coast, is one of the most photographed bridges in California. I took this photo in 2014 during a roadtrip from San Francisco to San Diego. The weather wasn’t quite on my side, but I love the eerie feeling I get from this photo. Posted […]

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