These are fragile times. Many of us are struggling with the unknown. The unknown of when we can resume our “normal” lives. Some don’t know if they will have food on the table at the end of the week. Some don’t know when they can go back to work to provide for their families. Some work hard and put their lives at risk to make sure the rest of us is looked after. I don’t think we can ever thank “essential” workers enough for the risk they take every day. Many struggle with depression and overwhelm during these times.

I am one of the lucky ones. I can do my work from home. I can have my groceries delivered. But even I feel overwhelmed at times. Usually, I would take my camera and go for a walk in nature to relax and heal. This hasn’t been as easy with most parks and trails closed. As trails open up, I carefully look for the ones less popular to keep avoiding crowds.

The photo below is a reminder to focus on one thing at the time. Leave the rest in the background for the moment, keep it blurred and just focus on that one thing that you need right now. Life is delicate.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

~John Burroughs

This post was inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#98 – Delicate Colours.


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  1. Beautiful image, and your short text is straight to the point. Overwhelmed, but still belonging to the lucky ones. I struggle every day not to get too overwhelmed, not to get too depressed. We have got nature’s healing, we walk and take photos. And we get to see other people’s thoughts and interpretations here on WP – communicate. Thank you for joining in!